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Why Open Sandwiches are so Yummy!

Posted by Kaanchan Bugga on

Open Sandwiches are a great way to use any left-over sabzi from last night's dinner and make it into an extra-special any time snack or yummy breakfast.

Plus, the addition of raw veggies along with cheese makes it a very filling breakfast that hits the sweet spot.

Open Sandwich with fresh veggies
So let me explain how we configure our open sandwiches.... 

The construct of an Open Sandwich

Start with a good quality artisanal bread, preferably one with a nice crust. In our kitchen we often use a rye and whole wheat bread from our local artisanal bakery - sliced and crisply toasted. Or a multi grain and seed bread from a friend's home kitchen.
Multigrain bread from Samana's Kitchen
Any left-over sabzi from gobhi matar to methi gajar matar to sookha aaloo, works great as a base for an open sandwich. 
(*In case you want, you can even grill an extra baingan for open sandwiches when you are roasting brinjals for Bharta. I often use left-over baingan ka bharta from last night's dinner.)
Fresh vegetables such as tomato, cucumber and onions, fresh baby spinach, baby methi leaves, basil leaves, even baby beetroot leaves!!!.... chopped coriander, pomegranate seeds
Cold-pressed, extra-virgin sesame (til) oil for taste and flavour.
Open sandwich with cherry tomatoes
The oil used adds loads of flavour and nutrition... so it's very important to use the right oil.
I usually use either cold-pressed, extra-virgin mustard oil or cold-pressed, extra-virgin sesame oil as a drizzle over the sandwich at various stages of making. If the left-over sabzi has been cooked in mustard oil, I choose the same as a drizzle. If not then I use sesame oil.
You can do this in a heated oven so that the cheese melts and the flavours all meld together.
You can also heat it in a microwave oven for 1-2 minutes if you're rushed for time. The oven will make the sandwich crunchy whereas a microwave will just melt the cheese. If you leave it in the micro for too long, the sandwich will turn soggy.
Go ahead, experiment with left-over chutneys, left-over methi gajar matar, left-over bharta... almost anything and team with fresh veggies and a good fresh mozarella. 


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